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Dir en... Moustache?

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.11.22 at 20:13
Feeling: lazylazy
Listening to: Dir en Grey - The Fatal Believer
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Dir En Moustache

I'm sorry, but I saw this and could barely contain my hysterics... XDDDDD

Credits to whoever did this to our poor, unsuspecting Diru XDD

OH! And Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there!! (^^;)


Smiley Hazuki

Lynch. // Reo

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.11.02 at 20:35
Current Location: Kanpai~!! (。・з・)_且
Feeling: ditzyditzy
Listening to: Lynch. - A FLARE
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A special post for Lynch.'s guitarist, Reo, as it's his birthday today!!! Love this man to bits! We hope he has a very special day!

お誕生日おめでとうございます! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

[Any other Jrock birthdays you wish to pay tribute to here, feel free to let us know, or go right ahead and post!]


Kyo Sexy

SuG // Yuji

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.11.02 at 00:34
Current Location: Cuddling Kyo ((; T.T)
Feeling: hornyHanaji-ing
Listening to: The GazettE - DERANGEMENT
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My roommate's guilty pleasure >DDD A minor bit of sideburn but hey~ all the more reason to love V-Kei! <33333



Dir en Grey // Kaoru

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.10.23 at 21:52
Current Location: Cuddling Kyo ((; T.T)
Feeling: stressedstressed
Listening to: Sadie - Playgirl
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I knowww~ Dir en Grey again but AAH! I found this picture floating on Twitter and I just couldn't resist! (^3^) <333

Imma leave them alone now & go and find some other fluffy JRockers to flail over~ hehe!



Dir en Grey // Kyo

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.10.08 at 00:27
Feeling: flirtyAroused
Listening to: Dir en Grey - Lie Buried With A Vengeance
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Yet another Kyo post~ only because I bought "The Rose Trims Again" DVD and oh sweet Jesus~ Dir en Grey have stolen me yet again.

And of course, I couldn't resist Kyo's little show of fluff throughout the whole show.. (*3*) *aroused* <33333

Hazuki Hot


Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.09.24 at 14:28
Feeling: crappycrappy
Listening to: Sadie - Skeleton Bug
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A little drawing from Zero here, and if I'm not mistaken he tried to draw old D'espa pal Hizumi and then send it to him haha!

Isn't it just adorable?? :3



Coldrain // Ryo & Sugi

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.09.23 at 13:40
Feeling: awakeawake
Listening to: PSY - Gangnam Style (don't shoot me! xD)
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Courtesy of Twitter, I found these two floating around on Ryohei's (EAT YOU ALIVE) Twitter. I haven't listened to this band yet, but they're from Nagoya and they look pretty damn interesting!! (^o^*) Some awesome chin fluff going on here~ <3333

If you'd care to check them out~ here's a link!! ~ http://www.jpopasia.com/group/coldrain/


Shoes &lt;3

MUCC // Miya

Posted by sereitsu on 2012.09.14 at 21:08
Feeling: contentcontent
Listening to: Libra (Best Hold it Remix) - MUCC
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Courtesy of Little Jrock Things tumblr (^^):


D'espairsRay // Karyu

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.09.09 at 21:15
Current Location: Toasting with D'espairsRay
Feeling: workingworking
Listening to: D'espairsRay - Love is Dead
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Continuing the D'espa love with some gorgeous sideburns of Karyu <333

Happy Anniversary D'espairsRay!!! We miss you so much!! <333


The GazettE // Kai

Posted by sorrowofanangel on 2012.08.31 at 23:40
Feeling: hothot
Listening to: The GazettE - ATTITUDE
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GazettE's gorgeous leader Kai~ and his beautiful rectangular sideburns aha!!! Is that worth an "UNF!!" or what?!! *flails*


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