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We Love Chin Fluff!

Appreciation for all J-Rockers with a bit of "Facial Fluff"

Chin Fluff Appreciation for all J-Rockers
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We dig J-Rockers with Facial hair!
Welcome to ChinFluffLove ~ A community sharing the love of our lovely J-Rockers who have, or have had, a little bit of chin fluff ^^

The name derides from an inside joke between our two moderators, who came to the conclusion that Hazuki from Lynch. had recently grown some "chin fluff" a.k.a his tiny little beard ^^" We started to notice other J-Rockers had the same look and so ChinFluffLove was born!!

We're here to share photos, (photoshoots, magazine scans etc.), videos (including PV's, live & backstage footage), graphics (wallpapers, icons etc.) of any band with a member, or a sole J-Rocker who has had an amount of "chin fluff" xD Even sideburns will do! Absolutely anything!

We're all about having fun and sharing the love but first! A few rules for you:

~ Only members of this community are allowed to post
~ All of the above media mentioned are allowed, but if you are unsure please ask us through a personal message ^^
~ All posts MUST contain/ relate to a J-Rocker who has/ has had facial hair (even teh tiniest of sideburns are welcome!)
~ Please be polite to each other and respect one another

~ And above all, please have fun!!!

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